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“content is the new album art”



your music tells a story, your video content should too

music & video go hand in hand. there actually used to be a tv station dedicated to the marriage of the two. live video content need not just be '“flash & trash.” it should be an extension of your music and an expansion of the images and themes your music conveys.


“so we just plug the hdmi cable into the projector, right?”


basic needs 03.png

it probably helps if you have someone who knows what they’re delivering

pixel maps? media servers? what the hell is a smpte?

we got you.

we work with all the latest tech in the live event world, despite the additional grey hairs it can bring. to ensure the high standard we hold ourselves to, it’s important to know best practices for the hi-end systems used in live events today. additionally, we have a better understanding of what’s possible in live content. so we can push the envelope further.


a few of the systems we like to work with

well, it’s really D3…

well, it’s really D3…




“i wouldn’t worry about content, it’s not like we’re going to play live anyway”

GUY FIERI  |  lead singer of SMASH MOUTH


music videos with the bigger picture in mind

playback of a music video as your content is lame.

so why not grab some extra assets during your music video shoot that can be used in content down the line?

we see the bigger picture. music videos can tie into album art and tie into live content. we can plan accordingly, so we get as much out of your budget as possible.


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